St Patrick's Bulletin

This weeks bulletin with events taking place around St Patrick's parish and the Diocese of St Catharines.

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The Vineyard

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Bishop Bergie's Easter Message 2024

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Contact Information


Rev. Frank Durbiano

In Residence

Rev. Fr. Andrew Goodwin

Chaplain to St. Catharines General Hospital.

Parish Pastoral Office Hours

Monday 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Effective Dec 12/2022

Parish Contact Information

Sacrament of Christian Marriage

Engaged couples are asked to contact the Parish Pastoral Office nine months prior to any date being set for a Sacramental Marriage in the Lord. Please understand that all dates are tentative until the first meeting with . More information is available from the the Parish Office.

Parish Organizations

St. Vincent de Paul Society
Catholic Women's League
Pastoral Council
Financial Council
Building Committee

Parish New Members

New members can register either by phone, email or by picking up a new box of parish envelopes at all entrances. Please confirm your membership within one month of attendance. Call for a pastoral home visit.

Homebound/Hospital Visitation

Call parish office and inform us. Pastor will visit.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair access located on the east side of the church

Verse of the Day

Parishes Around the Diocese

Links to web sites of other Roman Catholic parishes in the St Catharines Diocese

St. Catharines Parishes...

Roman Catholic School

St Theresa
Catholic Elementary School
58 Seymour Avenue
St Catharines, ON
Phone: 905-682-0244

Parish Bulletin Deadline

Parish bulletin will be printed each Thursday morning. Deadline in writing only by each Tuesday at noon to the parish office. Please email your notice which is subjected to editing. Thank you.