St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church

St. Catharines, Ontario


31 Chestnut Street East

St. Catharines, Ontario L2T 1G8

Email:                                                                                                 Phone: 905 227 2358

Dear fellow Parishioners:

It is with great joy and hope that I write to you. Both the provincial government of Ontario, and our Bishop Bergie, have concluded that we can approach the opening of our church for regular life again. This is wonderful news, and comes with directions in matters of safety and good worship.

Many factors are at work in determining upon which date the opening can take place. In the end it is up to the parish priest / pastor to set the date, once all the required safety efforts are in place.

I have decided that it will be possible to open up our parish on Saturday, June 20 for 4:00 pm. From that moment on we will have our normal schedule of weekend and weekday Masses.

This opening has guidelines that must be strictly followed, but I believe that none of them are unreasonable. The opening up of our church does not mean that the Covid-19 situation is over, but that we can move toward a more active worship of God with each other. I look forward to a return to “normalcy” in our parish.

These thoughts are not mine alone. Bishop Bergie has issued a letter to all of us in the Diocese of St. Catharines, and I have included it on our parish website.

On a very personal note, thank you for the prayers and best wishes I have received since my stroke of March 18. I have recovered from most of the difficulties within my body – my right leg needs strengthening, writing my signature has not fully returned, and I still need caution when using my right hand. But compared to where I was in those immediate days after the stroke, I have much improved. I hope you will see that for yourselves.

We remember in faith that Jesus opens many doors for us. As we embark on this revised journey, let us be firm in our trust in him. May God bless us all.

Father Brian Bevan.

Parish Priest

June 10 2020